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Infinity Max AQ5NI24JVS


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W905xH1874xD690 (mm)

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Rather than using heating elements under the glass to heat the pan, induction actually heats the base of the pan. The copper coil underneath the vitroceramic surface creates an electromagnetic field which is captured by the steel base pot and heats the pot bottom directly, thus cooking the food placed inside it in a very effective way.

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic pans, in steel, multi-layers or cast iron. Pots and pans suitable for induction cooking can be identified either by their labels or by the fact that a magnet placed on a pan’s base stays in place; then your pot is magnetic, and thus will work with an induction hob.



Ariston Gas Hobs offer you superior safety compliance & assurance.

  1. 100% ignition rate ensures that flames will always come on once burner is ignited, preventing gas leak and potential fire or explosion risk.
  2. High quality Flame Failure Device (FFD) which guarantees extensive usage of more than 10,000 times and safeguards against gas leak.
  3. Thickened stainless steel material to prevent liquid leakage into hob which helps prolong lifespan and durability of hob for longer usage and minimized replacement.
  4. Durable valve that is able to withstand wide range of temperature, with guaranteed usage of more than 20,000 times, meaning reduced needs for maintenance.
  5. Our proprietary test ensures hob components are non combustible even in the event of a fire, preventing fire from spreading out thus enhancing user safety and protection.
Product Type :
French door bottom mount
Gross Capacity (Litres) :
Net Capacity (Litres) :
Fridge Capacity (Litres) :
Freezer Capacity (Litres) :
User Interface :
Electronic Touch Control Display
Compressor :
Zen Inverter
No Frost :
Multi Airflow :
Quick Freezing :
Quick Cooling :
Anti-bacterial Filter :
Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial System
Others :
Active FreshSeal
Active FreezeCare
Active Multitemperature - Soft/Mild/Deep Freeze
Holiday mode
Gradual lighting
Pull out tray (freezer)
Door Color :
Stainless Steel
Ice Cube Tray :
Twist Ice Maker
Light :
Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) :
220-240V 50Hz
Energy Efficiency Rating :
MELS 2 Ticks
Product Dimension (WxHxD) mm :


Multi-Temperature Compartment 

Choose between 3 freezer temperatures. Freeze your weekly shop at -7°C for an extra week of freshness and for a quick defrost. Alternatively, choose the -12°C setting for perfect scoopable ice-cream or -18°C for a traditional deep-freeze.

Multipower Inverter Compressor

Thanks to the innovative Multipower Inverter Compressor, foods stored in the fridge last longer. Every time the door is opened the compressor restores the internal temperature precisely and much quicker, thus avoiding thermal shock.

Active Defrost

The defrosting is automatically activated inside the freezer compartment only when necessary, thanks to sensor technology. This system ensures maximum operating efficiency and remarkable energy saving.

Freeze Care

Freeze Care technology in the freezer minimises temperature swings, reducing freezer burns. This ensures the ideal storage condition for keeping the quality, colour and taste of frozen foods for longer.

Touch Display

Refrigerate your food with precision, control your appliance at the touch of your fingertips.