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French Door Refrigerator

Explore the new Ariston Infinity Max 4-door fridge and freezer with enhanced storage and freshness aimed to take care of your food. It effectively prevents ice build-up in your freezer by reducing humidity levels, and offers innovative technologies for long-lasting freshness. At just 37.5 dbA, this French door refrigerator goes unnoticed, working quietly in the background. The Infinity Max refrigerator offers a large 591 litre capacity with flexible solutions for all your storage needs. At less than 70cm depth, this fridge-freezer sits perfectly flush alongside your worktop for a seamless look.

Read on to learn more about the French door fridge, the benefits and why it is a popular choice in Singapore.

What is a French door refrigerator?

The French door refrigerator combines the side-by-side version with a bottom mount freezer. The freezer in Ariston’s range comes with two doors, commonly referred to as the 4 doors fridge in Singapore.

Benefits of a 4-door fridge and freezer

  • French door refrigerator allows you to store and grab commonly used items easily at eye level
  • Design is ideal for seniors or those with mobility issues as they can reach both the fridge and freezer compartments without any difficulty
  • Wider fridge space is perfect for those who need to fit larger and wider items which may be difficult to do so in the side-by-side version
  • Bottom-mount freezers typically come with pull-out drawers, such as those in the Infinity Max, offering better organisation and storage of frozen food
  • Less space is needed to swing open the fridge doors
  • More energy saving as opening one fridge or freezer door at a time limits “cold air spill” - it reduces the need for the fridge to replenish the amount of cold air lost

These features make the 4 doors fridge popular in Singapore as households look towards appliances that offer more efficient use, saves energy and seamlessly fits in both small and large kitchens. With the Infinity Max, you can enjoy additional features such as energy-saving active defrosting in the freezer for the operational efficiency of the system, and a touch display to customise the storage condition of food items. Contact us if you need more information on the Infinity Max French door refrigerator!

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