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Culinary Ambassador, Chef Fabio

Fabio has been working as a Head Chef for over 20 years; presenting his personal chef skills in both private group dining and large barbecue group events. Now he is in Asia showing how to prepare a Gourmet Barbecue Experience.

Fabio has always worked in the meat business, starting as a butcher until he opened his own company in 2000. His passion has always been cooking and mainly with barbecues. He began to work as a Personal Barbecue Chef in Brazil in 1993. He started in this area just for fun, but before long his clients were mostly artists and celebrities.

In late 2008, Fabio decided to work full time in what he really loves, and he came to Singapore to share his rich experience and love of cooking.

Ariston is honoured to have Culinary Ambassador, Chef Fabio on board to share his invaluable expertise and personal recipes while working with the team.


"I have been using my previous oven of another brand for 8 years. When I switched to Ariston’s oven, I realized that the oven preheats to my desired temperature setting within a short time. The flexibility to cook different types of dishes at the same time also helps me save lots of time, especially because the temperature stays consistent even when I open the oven door. In my opinion, it is the smaller version of a professional oven."