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MWC 339 BL


Key Features
Type: 33L 6-in-1 Tabletop Combi Microwave Oven
Multiwave Dual Emission Technology
Microwave Power (max.): 900W
Grill Power (max.): 1200W

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Product Overview


Rather than using heating elements under the glass to heat the pan, induction actually heats the base of the pan. The copper coil underneath the vitroceramic surface creates an electromagnetic field which is captured by the steel base pot and heats the pot bottom directly, thus cooking the food placed inside it in a very effective way.

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic pans, in steel, multi-layers or cast iron. Pots and pans suitable for induction cooking can be identified either by their labels or by the fact that a magnet placed on a pan’s base stays in place; then your pot is magnetic, and thus will work with an induction hob.



Ariston Gas Hobs offer you superior safety compliance & assurance.

  1. 100% ignition rate ensures that flames will always come on once burner is ignited, preventing gas leak and potential fire or explosion risk.
  2. High quality Flame Failure Device (FFD) which guarantees extensive usage of more than 10,000 times and safeguards against gas leak.
  3. Thickened stainless steel material to prevent liquid leakage into hob which helps prolong lifespan and durability of hob for longer usage and minimized replacement.
  4. Durable valve that is able to withstand wide range of temperature, with guaranteed usage of more than 20,000 times, meaning reduced needs for maintenance.
  5. Our proprietary test ensures hob components are non combustible even in the event of a fire, preventing fire from spreading out thus enhancing user safety and protection.
Capacity (Litres) :
Main Specs :
Stainless Steel Cavity
Microwave Maximum Power: 900W
Grill Maximum Power: 1200W
Temp Range: 40°C - 200°C
Functions :
Forced Air (Precision Bake)
Dual Crisp
Crisp Fry
Reheat & Defrost
Dual Steam
Features/Interface :
Knob + Touch control
Drop Down Door Opening
Accessories :
Low Wire Shelf
Crisp Plate
Crisp Handle
Special Programs :
40 Auto Recipes
Special Menu
Auto Clean Cleaning System
Product Dimension (HxWxD) mm :
373 x 490 x 540



Microwave Dual Emission

This innovative technology optimises the microwaves distribution to ensure top-quality cooking. The microwaves enter from two different entry points and spread uniformly in all directions within the cavity by bouncing off the inside walls,  reaching the food on each side, and cooking it evenly whilst reducing time and energy consumption.

Dual Crisp

Ensures even cooking results and perfectly cooked food just like a traditional oven but with much lesser time whilst also sparing you from turning the food during the cooking process. This is made possible with Ariston’s exclusive Dual Crisp technology that combines microwave double emission with Crisp Plate to ensure crispy and tasty food every time.

6-in-1 Cooking Methods


Forced Air (Precision Bake)

Delivers stable and precise temperature control with 5°C regulation throughout. Ideal for cakes and roast meats.

Dual Crisp

Perfectly golden brown results on both surface of the food. Ideal for pizzas and pies.

Crisp Fry

No oil required to deliver ultra light crunchiness. Ideal for frying tempura.

Reheat & Defrost

Cook or reheat food and beverages quickly and evenly, while preserving all the nutrients of the food.

Microwave power: 900W

Dual Steam

Simultaneously steam different foods without mixing their flavours. Ideal for vegetables and fishes.


Browning food on the XXL grill ensures a perfect coverage and finishing. Ideal for chicken and sausages.

Grill power: 1200W

Special Programs

Chef Menu

A simple, intuitive guide to 40 easy-to-prepare and tasty automatic recipes. Best cooking results are always guaranteed.

Special Menu

For rising dough at a stable 37°C, softening or melting different foods such as chocolate or butter in a very short time, and keeping dishes warm prior to serving.

Auto Clean

Saves time and effort by cleaning the interior cavity, and removing dirt and odour in just a few minutes without the use of chemicals.