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NIV 320B


Key Features
Type: Induction
W (mm): 520
Cooking Zone: 2
Total Power: 3600W

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Product Overview


Rather than using heating elements under the glass to heat the pan, induction actually heats the base of the pan. The copper coil underneath the vitroceramic surface creates an electromagnetic field which is captured by the steel base pot and heats the pot bottom directly, thus cooking the food placed inside it in a very effective way.

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic pans, in steel, multi-layers or cast iron. Pots and pans suitable for induction cooking can be identified either by their labels or by the fact that a magnet placed on a pan’s base stays in place; then your pot is magnetic, and thus will work with an induction hob.



Ariston Gas Hobs offer you superior safety compliance & assurance.

  1. 100% ignition rate ensures that flames will always come on once burner is ignited, preventing gas leak and potential fire or explosion risk.
  2. High quality Flame Failure Device (FFD) which guarantees extensive usage of more than 10,000 times and safeguards against gas leak.
  3. Thickened stainless steel material to prevent liquid leakage into hob which helps prolong lifespan and durability of hob for longer usage and minimized replacement.
  4. Durable valve that is able to withstand wide range of temperature, with guaranteed usage of more than 20,000 times, meaning reduced needs for maintenance.
  5. Our proprietary test ensures hob components are non combustible even in the event of a fire, preventing fire from spreading out thus enhancing user safety and protection.
Type :
Built In 2 Zone Domino Induction Hob
Functions :
Sensor Touch Control
Timer up to 99 minutes
Number Of Cooking Zone :
Number Of Burner :
Total Power :
Dimension/Power Of Left Front Zone :
2500W (with booster)
Dimension/Power Of Mid Rear Zone :
1800W (with booster)
Surface Material :
Schott Ceramic Glass
Product Dimension (HxWxD) mm :
290 x 520 x 53
Cut Out Dimension (WxD) mm :
270 x 490



1)No worries of gas leakage because an induction hob uses the technology of electromagnetic waves and heats up the pot bottom directly.

2)Power Management ensures each cooking zone will be cut off after a defined maximum operation time if heat setting is not modified. 

3)Residual Heat Indicator that lights up after cooktop has been turned off and surface is still hot which serves as a caution to consumers.

4)Heat is conducted evenly and directly onto pan surface, while unheated surface of cooktop remains relatively cool during process of cooking, minimizing risk of burning one’s hands making it extremely safe to use.

Precise Cooking

With 9 levels of power setting, one can have better and precise control their cooking temperatures to deliver an optimum cooking result. Have no concern whether it is melting butter and chocolates or cooking meat.

Smart Pause

Have the convenience to pause your cooking midway and the power setting will automatically reduce to level 1, displaying “II” . Resume cooking by deactivating the button and it returns to original power setting. If the pause setting is not deactivated, cooktop will turn off automatically after 30 minutes.


Activate the booster for cooktop to go up to 2.5kW and speed up cooking process by up to 50%. The integrated power management will also be activated such that when 2 zones are being operated simultaneously and total power has reached the maximum level, the cooktop will automatically adjust power distribution to ensure limit is not exceeded. This also prevents overloading the cooktop.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient cooking which ensures that heat is generated only when required in the right setting. Cooktop will only work when it detects induction friendly pans. Since heat is generated directly at bottom of pan, there is less residual heat loss, leading to energy and hence utility bills savings.

Easy to Clean

Ceramic glass tops provide for easy maintenance. Stains are easily removed thanks to their flushed designs. Cleaning is made easier with induction cooktops as cooking zones remain relatively cool even after usage.


The timer can be used to set desired cooking time for each zone, from 1 to 99 minutes. A “beep” signals the end of cooking program and cooking zone will be switched off.

Child & Key Lock

Child Lock: Locking the hob will prevent it from being switched on accidentally. Upon activation, the hob will remain locked even if control panel has been turned off and then on again.

Key Lock: The key lock function prevents accidental changes to chosen power settings during cooking. Only the on/off button can be activated in this instance.