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Key Features
Type: Induction
W (mm): 735
Cooking Zone: 2
Total Power: 2800W

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Product Overview


Rather than using heating elements under the glass to heat the pan, induction actually heats the base of the pan. The copper coil underneath the vitroceramic surface creates an electromagnetic field which is captured by the steel base pot and heats the pot bottom directly, thus cooking the food placed inside it in a very effective way.

Induction hobs require ferromagnetic pans, in steel, multi-layers or cast iron. Pots and pans suitable for induction cooking can be identified either by their labels or by the fact that a magnet placed on a pan’s base stays in place; then your pot is magnetic, and thus will work with an induction hob.



Ariston Gas Hobs offer you superior safety compliance & assurance.

  1. 100% ignition rate ensures that flames will always come on once burner is ignited, preventing gas leak and potential fire or explosion risk.
  2. High quality Flame Failure Device (FFD) which guarantees extensive usage of more than 10,000 times and safeguards against gas leak.
  3. Thickened stainless steel material to prevent liquid leakage into hob which helps prolong lifespan and durability of hob for longer usage and minimized replacement.
  4. Durable valve that is able to withstand wide range of temperature, with guaranteed usage of more than 20,000 times, meaning reduced needs for maintenance.
  5. Our proprietary test ensures hob components are non combustible even in the event of a fire, preventing fire from spreading out thus enhancing user safety and protection.
Type :
Functions :
Electronic Slider Control
Electronic Zone Management
Child Lock
Power On Indicator
Residual Heat Indicator
Power Management
Number Of Cooking Zone :
Zone Power :
Product Dimension (HxWxD) mm :
54 x 735 x 415
Cut Out Dimension (WxD) mm :
672 x 390

Energy saving

Faster energy efficient cooking save up to 90%* energy.

Touch control

With just one simple touch, you can select the temperature and function precisely and independently for each cooking zone. The front position of the controls make it more easier to use.

Pan detection

The plate only comes on when it comes into contact with the pan while the rest of the surface remains cold.


You can set automatically switch on and off all the zones by setting the timer up to 99 minutes.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the fact that the actual electric plates remain cold during cooking, the induction hobs can be cleaned extremely easily and safely. Without the slightest risk of burning your hands, a damp cloth is all you need to eliminate old or fresh food residues. Plus, the treated hob is immune to scratches: even when sliding saucepansyou’ll never risk damaging your hob.

Schott Ceran® glass

SCHOTT CERAN® glass is the only ceramic glass tops produced without the use of heavy metal arsenic and antimony, yet helps you contribute to environmental protection. Heat is conducted evenly and directly onto the pan surface, while the unheated surface on the cooker remains relatively cool.

Effortless installation

Freely choose from an easy built-in to simple table top installation added convenience. The 13A plug means no waiting, just plug and cooking for instant satisfaction.